Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Tonight the Malaysian Tiger faced one of the stiffest task in defending the AFF Suzuki Cup which they had won it two years ago. They face Thailand the tournament hot favourite to lift  the cup this year at Supachalasai Stadium in the 2nd leg tonight.

Certainly on paper, the Thais have the edge after their 1-1 draw in the first leg at Bukit Jalil National Stadium plus their fine form in group matches winning all three. But against Malaysia last Sunday they are not that vulnerable and solid at all like what had being reported.

Saturday, December 1, 2012


Malaysian Tiger hero Azamuddin (inset) and Mahali Jasuli

MALAYSIAN Tiger justify their worth to be in the semi-final AFF Suzuki Cup 2012 with morale booster 2-0 win against neighbour Indonesia in their last group match at Bukit Jalil National Stadium watched by a full capacity crowd last night.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


BERITA PIALA MALAYSIA: NOTHING LESS THAN A WIN: MALAYSIA IS FEELING THE HEAT The Malaysia's side is indeed in a precarious situation after a dismal performance against neighbour Singapore ...


The Malaysia's side is indeed in a precarious situation after a dismal performance against neighbour Singapore in their opening match which saw them succumbed to a 0-3 defeat to the Raddy Abramovic side tamely at Bukit Jalil National Stadium last Sunday.

Sunday, January 8, 2012



Tidak dinafikan sentuhan bekas jurulatih yang pernah membimbing Kedah musim 2007/2008 merangkul tiga kejuaraan berturut-turut tentu 
ianya suatu pencapaian yang boleh dianggap mustahil. 
Namun itulah hakikat sebenarnya tuan empunya diri yang kini menjadi 
jurulatih Negeri Sembilan yang sudah boleh dianggap sebagai `Special One' selepas berjaya membawa skuad Hobin Jang Hobin merangkul dua piala iaitu 2011 Piala Malaysia dan terbaru Piala Sumbangsih 2012 satu-satunya piala yang belum upaya dimiliki selepas dua kali percubaan.
Yang menjadi lebih menarik lagi dalam pertandingan Liga Super musim lalu kedudukan pasukan Negeri Sembilan agak kurang memberangsangkan namun selepas Azraai mengambil alih bagi menghadapi Piala Malaysia tiba-tiba ianya berubah dan seterusnya berjaya membawa pulang Piala Malaysia dengan menewaskan Terengganu 2-1 dalam perlawanan akhir.
Begitu dengan persediaan bagi menghadapi Piala Sultan Ahmad Shah musim ini. Persiapan pasukan Negeri Sembilan agak terganggu ekoran penghijrahan secara mendadak lima tonggak utama meninggalkan pasukan berhijrah menyertai pasukan lain. Namun perjudian dan yakin terhadap pemain muda dan baru itu berjaya membuahkan hasil apabila berjaya mengatasi lawan yang dianggap pilihan Kelantan 2-1.
Dalam perlawanan akhir Sabtu lalu, Azraai Khor menampilkan ramai muka-muka baru seperti Mathevanan, Mohd Shakir, Rashid Mahmud, Tengku Qayyum dan penyerang import tunggal dari Cameroon Jean Emmanuel Effa Owona. Selain muka lama seperti Norhafiz Zamani Misbah, S. Kunanlan dan Shuhairain Abu Samah.
Biarpun pada satu ketika Negeri Sembilan ketinggalan 0-1 hasil jaringan Norshahrul Idlan Talha tetapi mereka berjaya bangkit dengan pemain import yang pernah beraksi dengan kelab Hatta Dubai itu meledakkan dua jaringan untuk memberi kemenangan berharga buat skuad bimbingan jurulatih itu.
Jelas pemain muda dan muka-muka baru itu langsung tidak menunjukkan rasa gementar berhadapan dan bersaing dengan pasukan lawan malah berjaya mempamerkan corak permainan yang membanggakan dengan komitmen yang begitu tinggi sekali.
Sekali lagi diucapkan sekalung tahniah buat pasukan Negeri Sembilan semoga terus berjaya. 

Friday, November 25, 2011


After winning the SEA Games Gold medal back in 2009. The national football teams started creating history after history. Second to follow is winning the AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 and recently just concluded 2011 SEA Games Gold medal.

Not just winning but they way they work and struggle their way out and later proved they are a really worthy champions. But the things that really tick me to write is `it is just like a fairy-tale' and to make it more special that all the feat is being done on foreign soil.

In the AFF Suzuki Cup in our first group match we were humiliated and soundly beaten 5-1 by the host Indonesia.But we crawled back and work our way out and qualify into the final. Despite all the hassle and tussle created in the second leg by Indonesian fans and being escorted using the army armoured vehicle to the Gelora Bung Karno stadium. We won it fair and squared.

And then came the 2011 SEA Games in Indonesia. We were drawn in the group of death with the likes of Thailand, Singapore and including the host. We emerged top of the group by defeating Indonesia 1-0 in our last group match in a full capacity home crowd. Despite the defeat it was reported they field a second fiddle side.

We then qualified in the final and guess what? We met Indonesia for the second time. And the host certainly looks confident and their fans wants revenge for their team loss in AFF Suzuki Cup and the earlier group match.

With a full house atmosphere they host shock us by taking an early lead. But we came back to level the tie. Both teams fails to find net in the full 90 minutes dragged into extra time and later was decided on penalties. It was really a heartbreaking moment for the host as we again triumph in the spot kick and thus defend the gold medal. 

We definitely silenced the home crowd and during the prize giving ceremony the Bung Gelora Karno was emptied.

The team deserved credit and coach Ong Kim Swee like Dato' K.Rajagopal he did his job well even though the are time when Ong was suspended from the bench.The players and the coaching staff  work very hard indeed on their way and prove their worth to be in the final.
But again in my previous column if you guys happen to read - lastly I would like to remind to all the Malaysian football fans that this kind of achievement could not happen just like that. It take years to come this far. Not but least we must thank and not to forget those coaches from the state working tirelessly in grooming and producing this group of young players at their tender age. Especially those coaches who are attached with the state football academy. Credit too must given to them. I am sure this coaches are the most happiest of them all.

The truth is, the rise of our Malaysian football surely we should be thankful to the father and creator of this such academy programme the late Dato' Paduka Ahmad Basri from Kedah would be surely smiling in heaven.

FAM should thank them if not for them the national body is just a bunch of crap. After nearly more than 10 years FAM is still in the dark and unsure about the football academy programme in the state FA's that they had created.

At a certain point they nearly close to shut down this programme but luckily the National Sports Council saw it and put this programme under their wings and collaborate with National School Sports Council. If FAM had been more focus on the programme with a solid base structure guidelines the national sides had already been higher up the ranks and could be much better.

Suddenly throughout the country everybody is talking about football. Even though the AFF Suzuki Cup and the SEA Games is just for the Asean countries but still the passion and the hunger from the fans is unbelievable.
Again it was a full house event at the kampong coffee shop it was pack with the veterans and otais all getting together watching with great interest for nearly two hours. Nasi lemak, roti canai, mee goreng, telor mata kerbau, maggie curry and teh tarik were sold out. Not to mention with the Indonesian fans at the other table.

Now it seems the fans are proud wearing the national Malaysian football team jersey blue and yellow everywhere. Before names such as Norshahrul, Safiee Sali, Safiq Rahim and now Khairul Fahmi, Badrol Bakhtiar, Mahali, Asarudin, Muslim and Fadhli Shas. Last not least is our new young talent Nazmi.

He has the touch which he did remind me of Azizul Abu Hanifah and the grace of Wong Choon Wah.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


                 A far much better display shown by the National U-23 side by seeing-off the Thais 2-1 in the second group SEA Games football match at Bung Karno Stadium yesterday. Skipper Badrol Bakhtiar started off the momentum when he scored the opener in the 25th minute. Thailand drew level 1-1 before substitute Izzaq Faris Ramlan got the winner late in the match.

Congrats to the team..they truly deserve the praised.They shown their all round strength and capability but again the same old story crept back that saw the neighbours got their equaliser and nearly snatched away the much needed three points.

Izzaq celebrate after scoring the winner
The 2-1 result do not reflect the exact scenario of the match. By right..everybody watching the match should agree that we could win with a bigger margin after missing a couple of chances. At least now the team are doing what they should have to do and they are in the right direction.

Our next match will be against Cambodia..and they must treat them just the same as like any other team. Yes many will agreed Cambodia is the weakest side in the group after being thrashed by 6-0 by the home side Indonesia. But against Singapore they proved otherwise only to go down by 2-1. And that should have give us the message  - do not underrate them.